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  • dbrowning

    Hi folks,

    We’ve got our N5 prelim next week and we ordered an N5 paper from Perfect Papers on the 19th of October but we’ve not got it yet. Just wondering if there are any issues with PP? We’ve emailed but haven’t heard anything back.




    We got our download link today.

    donna eardley

    We don’t have ours yet for N5 or Higher. Order placed on 21st Oct.

    donna eardley

    Can I ask if anyone who has purchased these papers have received new papers for 2022? We have ordered but received last years papers (the link on the download page says 2022 but it then downloads last years papers).

    Tracy Rennie

    We have received ours, the front page and the first two questions are exactly the same as last years papers but the rest of the questions seem to be different and there is two sections, one for DB questions and one for Web. Very cheeky using the same questions given we are paying for a completely new paper each year.

    Peter Thoresen

    Donna & Tracy
    Try downloading the papers again – I think my original download was labelled 2021 but it contained 2022 papers.

    This years papers are different from last years:
    Q1 2021A (free) – convert 1001 1110
    Q1 2021B – explain Extended ASCII
    Q1 2022A – describe real numbers
    Q1 2022B – convert 1111 0011

    Andrew Bratton

    I have also received 2021 papers for Nat 5 instead of 2022. I’m hoping this is down to an incorrect link. Waiting to hear back and see if it gets resolved.


    Hi everyone,

    A few orders appear to have received a link to the 21 papers. Apologies for that! If you do get a link that has anything about 2021 papers, please drop us an email at

    All the questions are new for 2022, if you are seeings questions from the 2021 paper then your link is not correct.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this technical issue.


    Richard Scott

    SVG question

    Hi, I am a bit confused by the marking notes for q5.


    Surely there are 6 valid attributes for this rect object? I cannot see how both width and height are invalid.

    I have adjusted my marking for this, but am interested in everyone else’s view.


    From the SQA course content the only assessable attributes listed are: co-ordinates, fill colour and line colour.

    Richard Scott

    Yes I understand that only the content listed can be directly assessed by a question; however that does not mean that pupils are penalised should they give a correct answer outwith that narrow content.

    Besides, ‘coordinates’ is not a single attribute but two, there is not a single attribute with that name, instead there are two separate attributes called ‘x’ and ‘y’, each of which can have a separate value.


    For what it’s worth, I agree with you regarding the attributes that are listed. I would this share this view with pupils with such a question, but remind them that they only have to consider co-ordinates, fill colour and line colour when faced with an SQA exam.
    Remember that this particular paper or its marking is not officially verified by SQA.

    Scott McBride

    I think you have to remember that it is a perfect paper…. pupils need to learn 3 attributes. X,y Co-ordinates, fill colour and line colour. I certainly wouldn’t be getting bogged down by stuff like this. I always find the marking schemes for PP to be very different to the expected SQA schemes. A perfect paper seems to throw up more questions than answers from pupils. It is a very large investment that we are at the point of no longer having as a luxury.

    Lee Murray

    I am with you that width and height should be accepted. They are attributes and the note on the marking scheme makes no sense to me.

    “Width and height are part of the
    representation of the common object so 0
    marks if width and height given as

    I truly do not know what this means.

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