Output for Added Value Assignment Program

  • Mr David Alford

    The task does not seem to make it clear what information is to be sent to the selected winners, and also includes no requirement to output the discounts calculated in any shape or form. I have developed a solution displaying everyone’s discount and then displaying 2 fake short letters to the 2 randomly selected winners.

    Just wondering if this is what everyone else is doing?

    I’ve uploaded my TrueBasic solution for comment/criticism



    Colin McAlpine

    David, I don’t think I have a copy of the actual tasks yet. Are they on the SQA secure site?

    Mr David Alford


    Yes on the Computing Science page scroll to the bottom under National 5 and under Coursework Assessment Tasks headings you’ll see a link to the Task pdf and a second link to a zip file containing files for the task.

    Colin McAlpine

    Thanks, I’ll need to get my PT to do it.

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