National 5 Specimen Paper – implications for teachers

  • Janice Ramsay

    Many members of ADiCoSt have many concerns about the content of the specimen National 5 paper and, in particular, the implications for what we need to teach our pupils. Please comment and raise awareness – see document I just uploaded.

    Robert Elder

    There seems to be a close connection between a number of areas in the ISDD unit of National 4 and 5 to Intermediate 2 Information Systems materials, in particular the Relational Database and Applied Multimedia Units. There are already some excellent resources for those units which could be used to create and deliver lessons, in particular the LTS and George McGrattan booklets which I currently use to deliver Info Systems.

    Mark J Tennant

    Thanks for uploading that Janice – very useful, and I think highlights the shortcomings of the various SQA documents. I’m currently sitting trying to work out our course structure and materials requirements for next year; it’s like trying to nail jelly to a wall 🙂

    I’m also very concerned about the time implications that some of these questions hint at. Currently Database Systems is a 40 hour unit at Int2 level; it looks like we will have to cover pretty much the same stuff at N5, but it’s only one part of the new unit.


    Lorraine Muir

    90 marks in 90 minutes seems a very fast pace. Can someone tell me where I could get a hold of the George McGrattan materials mentioned above as I have never taught the Info Sys course. Thanks in advance.

    Jennifer Chumley

    Like Lorraine, I would quite like to get a hold of the George McGratten materials. Anybody got any ideas/copies? Thanks in advance

    Robert Elder


    Sorry, I dont have that resource. As an alternative, there are a good number of excellent websites created by some schools with some very good resources for Information Syatems. You will be able to get these by searching “Int 2 Information Syatems revision”.A lot of areas in the ISDD unit of Nat 4 and 5 will be covered there.

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