National 5 ISDD Assessment Task 6

  • Stephen Stewart

    I am trying to develop materials for the ISDD unit and have gave the assessment task a go. I am not the best with Access so any help would be appreciated. The assessment pack wants us to create a user interface to add a new record and view different coloured runs.

    The sample answer shows a switchboard. We have Office 2010 and I had to add the switchboard button manually. I have created it using a switchboard and when the user clicks on the “Find all Green Runs” for example I have got it to just display a report of all the green runs. Do you think this is sufficient? It would involve the pupils having to code a macro to run a query otherwise.

    I also have just created a form that has a navigation pane and have dragged the reports and forms onto that. I am not 100% sure what would be the correct way to do this.

    I will attach what I have done for the assessment task as it may give you a better idea.

    Stephen Stewart

    I have added the Access file onto here

    When you open it have a look at the forms named:
    Switchboard (This is how the SQA have done it)
    Navigation Form (How I have changed it slightly)

    What is your opinion?

    Adrian Jefferies


    I’m having a closer look at the Unit Assessment Support for ISDD Nat 5 – Package 1: Unit-by-Unit Approach. I am also a bit stumped by Task 6.

    Thanks to Steven Stewart, but I cant open the database as I have Access2007.

    A) Could someone lightly outline the steps required to add a switchboard/buttons to a form to solve the problem in Access?
    B) A zip file is mentioned – its on the Secure Site ?

    Many thanks, Adrian

    PS: another thread – but do you find the solution to the Task 2 of the Nat 5 SDD (five laptops) rather odd? The solution is made easier by the use of Check Boxes [Visual Basic features]. I realise its an example, but implementing in a non-dialog language would make it more complex.

    Walter Patterson

    Adrian – there are several YouTube videos that show how to perform the steps for your (A) above.

    And web pages such as:

    Lee Murray

    Can I ask where these sample assignments can be found? I’ve Googled my nut off trying to find them and scoured the SQA website to no avail.

    Are they on the secure site?

    Mark Hay

    Hi Lee – yeah they are accessible through the secure site and are contained in the Assessment Support Packs.

    Lee Murray

    Cheers Mark, I’ll get my boss on it 🙂

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