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  • Joseph Rainey

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what is expected from pupils regarding “linked tables” for IS design and development?

    The course specification lists “linked tables” and “key fields” and the Unit Assessment Support document required pupils to link two tables using a specified field. Do we need to teach normalisation or cardinality?

    Any thoughts much appreciated!


    There was a bit of a debate about this at the Implementation meeting I went to. Particularly at N4 as to what was a link if it wasn’t a relationship.

    At Int 2 1NF was all that was necessary but its not mentioned here but to explain why you are using these fields to link the tables would obviously lead you into normalisation and cardinality.

    If you look at the live assessment materials for N5 the exemplar answer for the link (Task 4) shows the relationship window from Access and clearly shows the cardinality of the relationship. So from that I assume yes.

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