Nat 5 Coursework

  • Mark Hay

    Hi folks, just wondering if someone could clarify – what is the notional time required for the N5 coursework? And are people leaving it till after a prelim to do?

    Colin McAlpine

    Still undecided of our approach here!

    Alan McGregor

    I’m giving the coursework task a go on this last week of term, and can’t quite work out how to get the database to identify who the loyal fans are.

    Assuming that pupils will not be required to use SQL, can anyone tell me how to create a query on the 6 boolean fields to create the ‘loyal fan’ field? I am using Access 2003 but will be using 2010 next session.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…

    Lindsey Grieve

    add the calculated field:
    total: [aberdeen]+[glasgow]+[Inverness]+[Dundee]+[Edinburgh]
    each boolean field with a yes has a value -1 so your search criteria is <=-3 Hope this helps

    Alan McGregor

    I knew it would be something relatively simple, and had just worked out the -1 thing. Many thanks!


    What about a solution that does not rely on this MS Access “feature”? The fields values as given are not strictly boolean either. An absent value is NULL, FALSE is not the same as NULL. There is no boolean type in SQL. Is there a presumption that all centres will use MS Access for database work?


    Just do a set of fields for each city with IIF([Aberdeen]=”YES”,1,0)


    I am currently working through the Music Fans task and I am struggling to get to grips with the VB programming section. It says to input the loyal fans, I am assuming this will be from the result of the search from part 1 – therefore there should only be 3 loyal fans??? Then it says the program should randomly select 2 of these loyal fans to get a backstage pass. This is the part I am struggling with, has anyone managed to do this in VB yet?


    Just realised there will be more than 3 loyal fans but still struggling to get the random selection going.



    Not actually tried this, but assuming all the fans are in an array, all that is required is to generate two random numbers – difficulty is, these need to be distinct.

    A Do…LOOP UNTIL will work – along these lines:

    Generate first random number
    Generate second random number
    Loop until first random number <> second random number

    Select fan in array(first random number)
    Select fan in array(second random number)

    Hope this helps.


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