N5 Timeline

  • Simon

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would have a timeline for a 2 year National 5 course that they would be willing to share? We currently cover N4 level work in S3 before moving on to N5, however looking to explore the possibility of teaching at N5 level over 2 years. Thanks

    Al Friend

    I have something for a 2-year N5 as we moved to it this year. It’s quite high level. Year 1 is focused on implementation, with Year 2 having a focus on everything else but with some implementation.

    If you’d like my scrappy files then email me (esafriend1r@glow.sch.uk).

    Kirsteen Nakau

    We deliver over two years but use the same model of N4 topics in S3- completing the N4 units then N5 topics in S4

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