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  • Robert Young

    Quick question to save me searching through piles of paperwork.

    Are class teachers marking the N5 coursework or are these being marked centrally by the SQA? I know that we are marking the ADV and I thought that we were also marking the N5 coursework but my other half was saying that in Chemistry the N5 coursework are being marked by the SQA.

    Peter Thoresen

    N5 Coursework is marked within the school.

    From page 9 of the Course Assessment Specifications:

    Controlled assessment — assignment
    The assignment is:
    – set by SQA
    – conducted under some supervision and control
    Evidence will be internally marked by centre staff in line with SQA marking instructions.
    All marking will be quality assured by SQA.

    Robert Young

    Cool thats what I thought. Thanks for quick reply.

    jim sutherland


    just wondering if it was still possible to get a copy of Access solution for Language Tutors please?

    many thanks,

    Jim Sutherland



    Hi, I’ve made up a marking guide from the suggested marking for CW Language Tutors. I would welcome some feedback to see if I’m on right track. If anyone has time, could you have look and let me know. Thanks Tricia

    Robert Young

    I will have a nose over the weekend Tricia.

    I have also done one for Ticket Agency and have uploaded it.

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