N5 Asssessmet Concerns

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  • Robert Young

    Good Morning
    With my classes nearly finished the ISSD unit of N4/5 I spent the weekend looking through the unit assessments for SDD at N5. Like the N5 assignments these are riddled with mistakes or at least the Visual Basic ones are. In particular the question sets for Outcome 1 in package 1 are terribly written. The line numbering is all off, the code is incorrect and also parts of the code are missing. I would go as far as to say it has been written by someone without them actually checking it works in VB. Sorry if it is someone on here that has written them.
    My questions are:
    1. If I rewrite them correctly, line numbers fixed, correct code etc do I need to submit them to the SQA for verification before I use them?
    2. Who do we complain to at the SQA about how poor these materials are?
    This is why I should have gone to CAS Scotland on Saturday rather than depressing myself looking at the SQA stuff.
    Finally I have almost got working solutions for most of the N4/5 SDD programs in VB6. Again a lot of the exemplar programs are iffy in my opinion. I will upload these to the forum in the next week or so.


    Because they are unit assessments, it is perfectly acceptable for you to change any errors and so on without the need to then have them prior verified. Not so with the assignment, of course.
    Dave Main is the qualifications manager for Computing Science and would be the person to notify at SQA.



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