N5 Assignment web task – unclear instructions

  • andymadill

    My pupils & I are a bit confused with the instruction to change the top section to yellow. Sections haven’t been used in the code its divs, does the question mean the first div or the second div?

    Also the pupils are unclear about the wireframe in the question – it looks like the h1 heading “Feeding” should be in a different div from the sentence, image and bullet points? Bus surely that can’t be right?

    Andrew Gibson

    The wireframe is just showing that the “Feeding” heading, in my opinion, is separate from the paragraphs/following material. It should look the same as the other sections in the webpage when it is loaded up.

    In terms of the top section yellow I am undecided. Either they mean the top section from the analysis – which would be the logo address phone number code, or they mean the section which has the ID already in it. I have no idea which one they really mean for the pupils to change to yellow and don’t think it is very clear when being asked in the task


    Thanks Andrew, yeah its a bit of a tricky situation, I’ve emailed Greg at SQA so I’ll let you know the response.

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