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  • Donald Drawbell

    I am lucky to still have one room running XP with Access 2002. Students have no problems adding images in this. However, at the end of this session the room will have to be upgraded to Win 7 and Access 2010.
    I cannot see any simple way to store and display images. Am I missing something? Not too bad for the Snowboarding Assess as there are few images, but the 30 QR codes in Music Fans?
    Please put me out of my misery and tell me I am missing the obvious

    Andy McSwan

    Hi Donald,

    In the newer versions of Access users can create an attachment type field which will easily store images. SQA have previously said this is fine for practical tasks in class.

    You do however need to stress to the pupils that this is not and acceptable answer in the exam and that they should say graphic or object.


    Scott McBride

    In Access 2010 onwards you simply apple the data type OLE/object and you simply insert it.

    On the plus side, the kids will now be using software that isnt older than them!

    Donald Drawbell

    Cheers, the attachment looks like the way to go. OLE doesn’t seem to want to display the image without opening “paint” and pasting it in. Otherwise all it seems is to provide a link to the image.

    I knew there would be an simple way 🙂


    Hello. There is a little trick that works here at Dunbar. Open the picture in paint at the same time as you are trying to insert it as an object into your database. Works perfectly. The data type is still OLE object. Works for me.

    Moira Feldman

    If you convert the images to bitmaps, then they can be added using the OLE Object field data type. This is what we do for Language Tutors. Very straightforward as, once pupils have navigates to the image folder and inserted the first image, Access automatically goes to the same folder looking for the images as you insert them. Only problem is that the file sizes are bigger than jpeg.

    Donald Drawbell

    Again, thanks to all. Have played around with the suggestions and findings below. I’d rather stick to OLE as using the ‘attachment’ is just going to confuse my wee dears (more!) when it comes to the exam.

    Scott – can’t get OLE working by simply using Insert. Worked that way on the old version but not in 2010. All I get is an error. However, it does work if I tick the ‘Link’ option

    Paul – works for me too. I suppose it is the same as what I did by opening paint via Access and inserting my image there.

    Moira – your method works for bmp bitmaps, but not for other bitmaps such as png and jpg. I might go down that road for Snowboarding and the Higher Diving Champs, but don’t feel like converting the 30 QR codes from png to bmp for Music Fans

    Cheers folks


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