• Richard Scott


    I am currently investigating the use of Minecraft Education Edition for Python coding.

    I have trawled Glow and MS site and completed MS Badges but am still unclear on what the licencing requirements are. I think Glow users may have a personal licence, if so can that be used in school?

    Has anyone got a better understanding of what needs to be done to legally use Minecraft Edu Ed in the classroom?

    Has anyone got any experience of using it in the classroom that could feed forward some technical advice?

    Has anyone been using Minecraft in the classroom that could provide any teaching advice?

    I have not yet decided which yeargroups to try this with, it could be any as we start Python coding in S1 but have posted it here in N5 to hopefully get a larger audience.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Alex McNeice

    I’ve used Minetest instead of Minecraft with a few classes as it’s completely free, portable and can be modded. The mods are programmed in LUA but I’ve not been using it with classes for that purpose – more as a tool to encourage team working, planning and implementation.

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