Flipped/Blended Learning N4/N5 Course

  • chalove

    I’ve been working on a complete N4/N5 Information Systems Design and Development set of support materials for the unit.

    These can be accessed on Google Drive at http://glo.li/n4n5course and the key document is found at http://glo.li/n4n5taskbook.

    If anyone has some time to take one or more of the remaining items that would be really helpful. You can email me and I’ll give you read/write access.

    All the videos are in the Google Drive but are also in a YouTube playlist at http://glo.li/isN4-N5

    Any ideas, help much appreciated.



    Going to have a look at this, cool!

    Colin McAlpine

    Can’t begin to imagine the amount of work that has gone into this Charlie, thanks a lot.


    HI everyone,

    Thanks for the positive comments. I’m still looking for any volunteers to take one page of the Learner Activities and plan resources (including ideally videos from YouTube or other sites) that will meet the learning intentions stated for each page.

    I’ve turned the Learning Activities Document into a Google Doc now so that it can be edited in real-time online.

    If you would like Read/Write access please drop me a message at charlie.love@compednet.com OR Message me via ComEdNet.

    The new Google Doc of Learner Activities can be found at http://glo.li/n4n5doc.



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