Concerns -re quality assurance

  • Nicky Pasternak


    It is important that we express our concerns about the quality of the N5 exam paper, Unit assessments, Assignments to the appropriate authorities.

    To this end, can I urge colleagues to communicate concerns to the SQA, Professional Associations, and appropriate Government departments.

    This site is highly effective in that it allows us to share our thoughts and ideas but we must take the time to communicate through the appropriate channels if we hope to effect change.

    Take some time to do this and then head off for a well-earned break!!!!!!

    Nicky Pasternak

    Janet Jamieson

    Hi Guys

    I have sent aletter to the following:

    SQA Complaints: Dave Main, Alastair MacGregor and Lisa Marshall

    GTC Complaints, Fitness to teach and


    I would be pleased to hear of anyone else who has sent or sends to these bodies.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Nicky, however, I was uncertain where to send my complaints. Hope this helps anyone else who might be uncertain what to do. Please be sure to do something or there is no point in complaining.

    I will upload the letter as soon as I figure out how to …… :-{



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