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    I know this isn’t strictly related to N5 CS so apologies but I wasn’t sure which group to post to and also we have a fair number of our N5 kids attend the club as well as younger kids that take N5 CS.

    I’m just looking to freshen up and make the club a bit more interesting and was wondering what people have found to be successful in code clubs that they have run? I only have about half an hour per week with the kids as they come up at lunch after they’ve had food.

    Any thoughts or experiences greatly appreciated.

    Mrs Janet McDonald

    HI Dave

    We’re not using it with a club, but our S2 have responded very well to App Lab from It lets them create mobile apps which they can then download and run on the device of their choice. I suspect it would lend itself well to work with a club too.

    What are you currently using?


    I have let kids choose what they want to do from a range of things we’ve used in the past. Many of them are doing various things on code academy and some of the older kids are working on their own things in python. I’m keen to add to what they can do and to keep it fresh so hence my question.

    Thanks for the info Janet, I’ll have a look at that.


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