Calculators in the Final Exam

  • Scott Barbour

    I’m just giving my guys a ‘2nd Prelim’ as part of exam prep.  Right at the start so many of them reached into their bags for a calculator (presumably for a binary to denary conversion question).  I think I know the answer but just to be clear students can still bring calculators into the exam, yes?

    My only concern is that as the calculation questions are gone they may now be ‘banned’…

    If anyone can confirm that calculators are fine I’d be grateful.


    Scott Leiper

    I have had a search and I can’t find where they say which exams allow calculators and which do not.  I found an old invigilators handbook which gave information, but the old standard grade and higher papers were not on that list, despite calculators being required.


    I would be delighted if someone could answer Scott’s questions and point me towards the source, as all the guidance to students I can see asks them to ask their teacher, “who will know”!

    Linda Robertson

    My head invigilator had an up-to-date manual and all Computing Science subjects are allowed calculators for this set of exams

    Scott Barbour
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