• Colin McAlpine

    I’ve uploaded two books that I’ve made up for N4/5 level of the new courses.
    Hopefully they are of some use to you guys. They are mainly theory based, but contain some practical exercises, targeted at getting pupils to do a bit more reading on some areas.
    I would say I’d probably need to update the SD area, as I didn’t adhere to Haggis.
    Any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks Colin, I’m hacking together something similar to go with my videos for the Information Systems unit. Are you happy for me to use bits of your stuff that suit? I’ll drop a credit in that I have? Let me know, Charlie

    Colin McAlpine

    Yeah, of course!
    I’ve written a ‘prelim’ too, I’m not sure how that would work if I shared it with everyone, can we all use the same one??? Maybe someone can clarify, otherwise I’m happy to chuck that up here too.
    I’d speak to Stephen Stewart and Liz Allum too, as they’ve both shown me really excellent resources too.


    I was wondering, the Education Scotland notes that were put up a couple of weeks ago… we’ve been editing them to add some more information, links and stuff. They are under and open government licence.. can we then reshare what we’ve changed to people that would have used the original source?


    Thanks for the books Colin. How about a credit for including my processor and bus diagrams in your work?


    I’ve uploaded rar files of the original powerpoints, associated task sheets (from the edcation scotland materials) and homework sheets from our website.

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