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  • mcgivernj

    A late, late software issue sees me having to use Access for the first part of the database coursework. Create tables, apply validations etc.
    How do I best display the results of this in Access (without generating screeds of unnecessary paper via the documenter)?
    Super compact to do in Filemaker Pro, but alas not available any more.

    Iain Purdie

    Screenshots are best. Go to the screen where you enter the validation and use Snipping Tool (I assume Windows?) to grab the relevant areas. I’d ensure that the field name is visible as well as the validation details.


    Thanks Iain. I suppose it will only be a couple of screenshots required for the fields being validated so not very onerous (still rubbish way of having to do it compared to the mighty Filemaker).

    Iain Purdie

    We used to use Filemaker here, but switched prior to the assessments being run they way they are now when we jumped on the Office365 train. I actually can’t remember how you got evidence out of Filemaker any more!

    Denis Soames

    We were previously advised to use the documenter in a previous SQA event. I double side it and include it despite the printing overhead.


    Remembers that there is an error in some versions on ACCESS and it will NOT print out validation formulae.

    I reported this to Microsoft and they has never noticed this before but as it was for older versions it would not be fixed.

    This particularly appears to impact the printing of Functions in the Data Documenter



    For example:

    I have been doing a DB with my S3 classes where there is a field that requires a number between 0 and 80 inclusive.

    If I use:
    ‘Between 0 And 80’
    This works BUT it is NOT displayed by the Data Documenter.
    ‘>=0 And <=80’
    Also works but it IS displayed by the Data Documenter

    I am using Access 2016 in school.

    I am pretty certain that Access 2019 is fine with both.

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