2023 Practical Assessment Part 1b

  • Tracy Rennie

    I have to agree with all the previous teachers who are concerned about the National 5 assignment using parallel arrays. We have covered a lot of different programs while teaching the SDD unit and not one program had more than one array. The way the structure diagram is preseneted is of great concern and the mistake in it. We are starting the assignment with the pupils next week and it will be interesting to see how they react to the SDD section.

    Alan Robertson

    It’s of great concern to me that this year it took me a considerable amount of time to produce a solution for this N5 task. It’s somehow reassuring that it’s not only me that thinks that there are issues with it. In a normal year, I would expect to bash out a working solution in under 30 minutes, this year I probably took closer to 2 hours to figure out what was expected and write the corresponding code. It was quite a contrast to the straightforward nature of the higher assignment. I feel so sorry for the pupils that are going to have to try their best to get through this.

    Alastair Scott

    I tackled the N5 and Higher assignments (SDD and WDD) at the weekend. The N5 assignment took all of Saturday. The Higher assignment took Sunday morning only.

    I’m quite nervous about how my pupils will react to a Nat5 assignment that is far more complicated (remember: simple > complex, complex > complicated) than any that I’ve seen before.

    Denis Soames

    This assignment is not ‘fit for purpose’ IMO, if teachers cannot see a clear pathway through it then how could a pupil?

    It is ridiculous for the Higher to ‘feel easier’ or be quicker to solve.

    I’m going to set my Highers the N5 challenge when we have their coursework out of the way to get their feedback on it, I’m suspicious they will find ambiguity in the design even though they are totally comfortable with 1D and 2D arrays.

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