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  • Linda Hall

    Has anyone done the above yet with pupils or looked at it in detail? A couple of questions spring to mind. In the Designing a solution for the database, pupils are asked to “Include a sketch of what the user interface will look like”. What is expected here in terms of N4. Would not have thought that switchboard was a N4 skill so a bit confused as to expectations. It is to show the fields in the order for the table and the fields being included in the Search query?


    My kids did structured diagrams for the table tennis game and a wireframe for the website.

    Page 7 of the AV unit states: PART 1 could be a structure diagram, flowchart or pseudocode of game structure. User interface design could be demonstrated using graphical layout. PART 2 – could be a diagram or sketch, storyboard, or drawing of website structure. User Interface design should show appropriate placement of content and navigation.

    Hoping this is right



    For me, this would involve pupils creating a table showing field names and field types and that would be all required in the design stage. That would be all that could possibly be expected at this level.

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