Structured diagrams

  • Gayle Alexander

    Has anyone got any examples of structured diagrams at N4 level at all? I’m in the middle of creating a booklet for N4 pupils and wished to include examples for a few of the programs but am not 100% sure what the SQA are expecting. The Walshe book has a couple of diagrams which I think are quite complex and contain Haggis but I’ve not really seen any more. I’ve attached an example though the diagram in the textbook also contains a box at the start labelled “Initialise” and I’m not sure what the purpose of this is (declaring variables or assigning values to variables was the only thing I could think of).

    Peter Thoresen


    There are some new materials from Dundee at that include some structure diagram examples.

    The examples are in the context of making breakfast rather than programming, but should be enough to get the gist over to pupils.


    Hi Gayle

    I have not been able to see your example but I have always seen intialisation as assigning a null value to a variable at the start of a program. I have not looked in detail at NAt 4, but can’t imagine they would want this level as it was not in previous INT2 level. Declaring a variable for has an equivelant efffect. Whilst it may be efficient programming pupils often find the concept of initalising very confusing.

    Re Structure diagrams attached documents are some old examples I have used that could be suitable at that level.

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