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  • Stephen Stewart

    Hi folks

    I have been developing National 4/5 since about August now. I have created booklets that cover all the outcomes for SDD. It has solutions to the programming tasks and also theory notes on the data representation and computer architecture material. The booklets also link directly to the assessment material from support pack 1. There are also practice assessment tasks and the live assessments all translated into Python.

    The materials have been developed usng Python 2.7.3 which is becoming a really talked about language since the release of the Raspberry Pi with lots of resources available from CAS. Personally I think it is easy to learn and the pupils find it easier than VB.

    If you are thinking about changing your programming language now is a brilliant time to do so. These notes hopefully include absolutely everything you need.

    I have spend a lot of time developing these and am completely open for feedback. I think a lot of us are in the same boat at the moment with development for next year so maybe this is will save you all that work.

    I didn’t want to upload the material directly here as its quite a lot of files and there may be changes to it over the next few months. So if you send me an email I will add you to the shared drive on Google Drive and you will be able to access all my work.


    Stephen Stewart

    If you would like to see a sample before being added to the shared drive check it out here…


    Thanks ever so much for sharing these Stephen. I’m sure there are a lot of us out there wondering if Python is the way to go or not and I’m sure your resources will enable us all to make up our minds if this is right for us and our pupils. A fantastic resource that has obviously taken an awful lot of time and effort to create. Thanks again for sharing.

    Stephen Stewart

    Thanks for the kind words Tracy.

    Hopefully this sparks a creation of some great Python resources specially from Scottish teachers.

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