National 4 Outcome 3 dropped

  • Andrew Douglas

    Very disappointed that outcome 3 has been dropped from National 4 (as well as N5 and Higher), it was one of the only parts that my National 4 pupils enjoyed. Again the SQA seem to be determined to suck the fun out of the subject and make sure we only attract the most techy of kids.

    I know it could be time consuming, but I have an entire class who are bored to tears by the National 4 course and Outcome 3 was the only thing that “kept them going”.

    I also spent a long time working on this bloody thing in the last few weeks! So naturally I am delighted that the SQA only bothered to inform us that they were dropping it at the end of May

    Rant over

    Kirsteen Nakau

    @Andrew, The activity should still be part of the course but you just dont have to stress over marking it.

    Lee Murray

    I completely agree with Kirsteen. It’s helpful and enjoyable for pupils to see how these programming constructs are used in ‘real’ programs, but I am REALLY happy that it is no longer assessed (more happy about N5 and Higher than N4).

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