Nat 4 Added Value Unit


  • Mark Hay

    Hi folks, being asked provisionally when we would be doing the added value assessments for our Nat 4/5 courses. Are people thinking on after a prelim exam then going for the coursework/added value?

    Mark Hay

    please ignore the two other duplicate threads on this topic and post to this one please?

    Darren Brown

    I feel you need to have done a prelim to decide levels. The problem is with coursework now 40% of grade at N5 it is less clear cut who could still pass N5 even if prelim is a fail.

    I can’t remember seeing an actual hours set for the projects but both course notes mention “preparation and completion” 40 hours like another unit!

    If my S4 prelims fall into same timescale of mid-Feb as S5/6 then that is too late.

    I still have a big question with SQA on why N5 coursework cannot be used at N4, 50% in N5 automatically passes N4 added value. Would help with the difficult timings so could all start the projects earlier.

    See me other thread I will bump to the top.


    I have this in my timeline as the last things we do so will be after prelim.

    We are doing a progress exam half way through so I’ll get some information about levels after they have completed the ISDD unit.

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