N4 ISDD Questions

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  • Robert Young

    Sitting down doing a review of the N4 course and I was wondering if anyone covered ISDD Assessment Standard 1.1 using a database task? I personally did BikeScotland last year but wasn’t impressed and thought it would be better to do a simple database since they do that in the AVU at the end. Though looking at the assessment standards how do you create a links in database task if you don’t have linked tables? Is it simply adding in a hyperlink field to the database and linking to an external website or an internal document? Is this too simple? Am I being dumb? Any answers to any of my questions would be greatly appreciated though I already know I’m dumb so you can miss that one out.

    Lorraine Muir

    Hi Robert

    Your correct with the links. The Nat 4 database had to have a linked field for example a hyperlink. We completed the ski resorts unit assessment for Nat 4 and Nat 5. Our work was verified in Feb and this was accepted. Hope this helps.

    Robert Young

    Thanks for the info Lorraine and it makes me feel better that I’m on the right lines at least.

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