N4 ISDD Assessment – Bike Scotland alternative?

  • Adrian Jefferies

    Prior to the release of the SQA ISDD Assessment materials I had my class make up a website which is pretty much comparable to Bike Scotland.
    I’ve since convinced myself that this alternative must be officially sanctioned, with a submission date by the end of June. I’ve since scanned all the docs & I cant find where I saw this.
    I’m probably mixing it up with the Added Value Unit, and no doubt changing this would require permission.
    The ISDD Assessment is couched in terms of an example.
    Can someone put me straight – can I use my own Website exercise for the N4 ISDD assessment?
    Many thanks

    Lorraine Muir

    Hi Adrian

    After reading the documentation about a 100 times I came to the conclusion that you can modify and alter the assessments used as evidence for outcomes, but if you want to change materials for Value Added and Nat 5 assessment these have to be checked by SQA. Hopefully someone else will clarify for us.

    Peter Thoresen

    From the Introductions of the Unit Support Notes:

    This assessment support is for assessors and is designed to meet the requirements of the Unit Outcomes and Assessment Standards as specified in the ‘What this pack covers’ section. It sets out a possible assessment approach or approaches which are in line with the standards that must be met. It is designed to be as open and flexible as possible.

    Where assessments are suggested, these can be used to assess your candidates, adapt for your own assessment programmes or help you develop your own assessments.

    Assessors should use their professional judgement, subject knowledge and experience, and understanding of their candidates, to determine the most appropriate ways to generate evidence and the conditions and contexts in which they are used.

    Evidence can take a number of different forms and may be a combination of practical, written, oral and/or recorded evidence, as appropriate to the assessment activity and the needs of the individual candidate.

    For *unit* assessments we can copy/modify/create tasks as we want – as long as they meet the unit standards. Otherwise the SQA would in effect be dictating specific languages and applications.

    For Added Value/Projects we have to use the SQA provided tasks for the first three years. If it is like current Int2/Higher tasks then making any changes is probably not allowed to ensure national consistency with standards.

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