Currency Field (Will Number Do for N3?)

  • Scott Barbour

    Hi all again on my new account (never sign up with your old student email if you need to reset anything you can’t get back in 🙂 )!

    I imagine not many teach this but I have a wee issue…

    Other than the basic query there doesn’t seem to be much of a jump from N3 to N4 when looking at the Database stuff. I have had a few learners read that the field is called “Price (£)” in the Information Solutions Assessment and they have chosen Number. Given that the field name already implies it’s in pounds and pence can they set the field type as a Number or does it need to be Currency?



    Hi Scott,

    I’ve merged your old account into this one. All your old posts should now be linked 🙂

    Given that Currency is just a formatted version of a number field, I can’t see an issue with using number. I would suggest that if it’s in pounds and pence then maybe limiting it to 2 decimal places would be nice but given the level may not be required.


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