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  • Alex Johnson

    Anyone tell me how I can open some of the files that are uploaded as they appear to be docx files but then when you download them they are zip files with a load of xml files. When I open the “Word” Folder then try and open the “document” file in Word 2010 it always returns an error. Any help would be appreciated!

    Chas McWhirter

    This has cropped up before and not sure why it happens but if you simply change the ‘.zip’ extension to ‘.docx’ it should then open normally in Word.

    Scott McBride

    A modern browser will allow you to download as normal. Basically not IE.

    Alex Johnson

    Thanks Chas – did that and it worked a treat!

    Peter W Donaldson

    .docx is really just a zipped collection of xml and other files. It’s quite a nice trick to show that the documents they create are described using tags in a very similar way to webpages.

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