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  • Frank Lagan

    I have been on the Glow share point and cannot find Greg’s new stuff. Can anyone please e – mail me a copy?


    Greg Reid

    Hi Frank,

    Sorry, the web unit was a later addition to the planned resources. I have to do it in my own time as it’s not part of my SQA job so I’m writing away late at night at the moment to try and get everything finished. I still hope to have it published on Glow for when schools go back as I have to start the revision of the How to Pass book very soon.


    P.S. I have about 35 pages of an unfinished booklet 2, Implementation & Tasks. I need someone to work through them to check they work as planned. If you’d like to see an advanced copy then let me know.

    Frank Lagan

    Hi Greg
    I would love to see your booklet and will run through it myself. Thanks

    Greg Reid

    Morning all,

    That’s me uploaded 8 files for WDD. I’ve still to write booklet 3 (testing and evaluation). I’ll get that done over the next few weeks once I get a few other things out of the way

    Files are:
    Booklet 1 – Analysis and Design
    Tasks for Booklet 1
    Booklet 2A – Worked examples of Higher WDD code using a cycling website scenario. This doubles as a reference manual.
    Booklet 2B – Tasks to be completed following reading a section of booklet 2A.
    Completed Cycling Website
    Completed Student Cooking Website (the website created when doing the tasks in 2B)
    Student Files for booklet 2B (part 1)
    Student Files for booklet 2B (part 2)

    I’ll get these posted on Glow in the next few days.
    If you wish editable copied in Serif PagePlus please contact me at home gregreid935@btinternet.com


    Lynn Forbes

    I’d like to thank Greg for these resources. I really like his approach and resources to deliver the Web Development unit in the National 5 course and look forward to using these for Higher.

    Sean Stratton

    Looks great Greg, as always.

    Thanks for all your hard work.


    Graham Stoddart

    A massive thank you to Greg

    Greg Reid

    Morning everyone

    Booklet 3 for Higher WDD (testing & evaluation) has now been uploaded to the documents section of the Higher group. Sorry for the delay with this. As usual it ended up being a larger task than expected.

    There are a few files within the one zipped upload:
    – The booklet itself which uses the cycling website from booklet 2 to exemplify testing and evaluation. The booklet contains tasks, most of which refer to a testing version of the Student Cooking website (see below).
    – A booklet 3B containing the requirements and designs for the student cooking website. I created this as a reference to save trying to find all the information in previous booklets.
    – A blank testing template (feel free to use, create your own or get your students to create their own).
    – Teacher notes to explain all the errors I put into the testing version of the student cooking site (I didn’t think you’d fancy trying to find them all yourselves 😉 ). This contains a few teaching points but you’ll use it mainly as a marking scheme for the tasks.
    – A new “testing version” of the Student Cooking website. This was created with deliberate errors that students are challenged to find (broken hyperlinks, errors in the form code etc). The tasks refer to this but testing could be completed on their own finished websites (they just won’t find as many errors, hopefully)

    BIG DISCLAIMER – Due to timescale this has not been tested or proof read as thoroughly as I’d like. If you find any errors (gregreid935@btinternet.com) I’ll try and fix them for next session. I’d advise not making printed copies until then.



    Greg, sitting working through some of the your earlier booklets right now and waxing lyrical to the pupils about your efforts here. Awesome. Really appreciate the time and effort that you’ve put into making these resources and for distributing them for everyone to enjoy.


    Greg, that looks really good and very useful. I’m also working away through the first set of booklets (currently doing JavaScript) and am finding that the pupils are very engaged in the problem solving aspect. An ace resource!

    Thank you for the time and effort you have put into producing these.


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