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  • DCullen

    The SQA Secure site has some August 2016 updates to the National and Higher Unit Assessments. I haven’t had much chance to look through them yet. They just seem to be minor changes from what I’ve seen so far.

    I was hoping the Higher Information Systems Backpacker Holidays outcome 2 section where the pupil has to find out information (which wasn’t easy to find out!) about a well-known national travel agency would have been replaced but alas it has just had minor changes made to it.

    Peter Thoresen

    Take the equivalent task from the other (website) unit assessment and use it instead.

    This only requires minor minor modifications so no prior verification should be needed.

    Louis McCaffrey

    In the combined unit assessment task for Software Development it states in Step 1 that the inputs must be validated.

    During Steps 1-5  the programmer creates a program for only one set of marks, however from Steps 6-9 the program is amended to read a csv file.

    Are candidates required to include input validation when the program reads its inputs from the csv file? Or can they evidence the input validation from the program created for one user in steps 1-5?

    Convoluted question I know!





    Peter Thoresen


    There is no *requirement* that input validation be implemented at Higher level.

    Input Validation was removed from the Course Assessment Specification (v1.4 2016-04) and subsequently removed from the Making Assessment Judgements of the Unit Assessment Support Packs (2016-08).

    The instruction to validate inputs should have been removed as part of the edit.

    Implementation of Input Validation is only required at N5.


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