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  • Kirsteen Nakau

    Why oh why are students asked to design and create the database forms in task 2, before they have even created the database structure.  You need the tables before you can make the forms. Then after they make the tables in task 3 we are asked to supply the populated tables and the students are then asked to make the forms again!

    SQA surely by now after all the revised updates and assignments we might have one that is error free.

    I assume it is ok to just ask my students to create the forms once after I supply the populated database?!


    Hi Kirsteen,

    The workflow with databases is typically to design forms after the database structure is in place (tables, attributes/fields, relationships). Any UX/UI design can be done in parallel however its perhaps a bit unrealistic to expect candidates to do form design twice. It certainly creates extra assessment load which SQA is currently actively trying to reduce.

    I suggest you and other members who are concerned contact SQA and enquire if the assessment can be amended so form design is only required once – this would seem a sensible approach.

    Best wishes



    Enrico Vanni

    Apologies for the rant I previously posted (which I see has now been culled), but frustration with this ongoing situation regarding very obvious flaws in what are supposed to be reliable guidance documents has gone off the scale with me.

    I would take the approach of designing the forms only before giving them the populated database – designing meaning get them to create a wireframe sketch or something similar as opposed to using the ‘Design View’ in Access – and ignore the request to create the forms at this stage as it is impossible!

    I totally get your frustration though – we were verified last year for N4 AV and had our sample ‘not accepted’ because all our pupils had followed the task exactly as it was written in the documentation and imported a supplied spreasheet file into their database package which had therefore created the field design for them based on the data types in the supplied spreadsheet.  They had ‘planned’ the field names and types previously though, but it wasn’t accepted as they hadn’t then physically implemented that plan within the ‘Design View’ of Access.  I argued that this was unfair as the task itself failed to assess an outcome they were allegedly looking for, and presented the chief verifier with their own documentation as evidence.

    The decision was reversed, but the task was changed this year so that candidates have to implement a much smaller database (thus eliminating the requirement for a pre-supplied file), so an obvious flaw in an assessment was only corrected because a centre fought back against a decision that initially went against them because their candidates took a piece of SQA documentation at face value, and stood to be penalised as a result.

    jacqui crooks

    Can anybody tell me where pupils will find all the relevant information that they need for Task 8 (outcome 2) of the Backpackers task? My pupils are struggling to find hardware, software, storage and connectivity requirements for the popular travel companies.

    Peter Thoresen

    Hi Jacqui

    The task is almost impossible unless you know someone in the industry.

    Take the equivalent task from the other ISDD task (creating a website) and rewrite it for the Backpacker database.

    Kirsteen Nakau

    I don’t do this version.  I purchased a pre-verified assessment with resources from S Stewart where they use Facebook as an example.  I am not permitted to share this but see no reason why you can’t take the outcomes and questions and link them to Facebook to get your own version verified.  They did not give SQA permission to share the resource when it was verified.

    Stephen Stewart

    I can upload the assessment I got prior verified a while back. I can imagine it will need some tweaks though to match up to the updated assessment standards. I haven’t updated myself as I am not teaching any more. Hope its useful..

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