unit assessment changes and future marking of assignments

  • kerry mcmahon

    so, given the recent talk of changes to unit assessments, it was said that this would mean possibly larger exams and changes to assignments. If this is the case, my concern would be that our assignment marking load would become larger. Has anyone heard anything about how the changes might impact subjects such as ours where the marking is done internally?

    Emma Maley

    It is likely that course assignments will be marked externally after 2017.
    “The SQA announced at the National Qualification Working Group that teachers in Computing and Technology who have been required to undertake unpaid coursework marking – an issue the EIS has pursued on a number of occasions – would now be paid for said work.
    This will apply for this session and for next, with SQA reviewing assessment options longer term, with a view to bringing the marking of all coursework items in these subjects in-house.”
    (From the EIS September e-bulletin.)
    Hope this answers your question!

    Jeremy Scott


    The opening paragraph of the Scottish Government’s recent announcement on this is unambiguous:

    “A strengthened final exam and externally assessed coursework will replace mandatory unit assessments…Instead, certification will be entirely based on a strengthened final exam and, in some subjects, externally assessed coursework.” (my emphasis)

    This was ratified by the CfE Management Board last Thursday 29 September, with John Swinney confirming:

    “Instead of unit assessments, certification will be based on a strengthened final exam and externally assessed coursework.” (my emphasis)

    All coursework – including CS – will therefore move to external assessment. SQA’s suggested timetable for this is N5 next session, Higher the following year and AH the year after that. This, however, may not be soon enough for the unions

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