Translators at Higher Level

  • Bobby Stroud


    I was wondering if anyone knew whether we are to teach Translators at Higher level?

    I’m currently reviewing my Computer Systems unit and I noticed that all of the theory that is to be taught is built on National 5 concepts. My plan was to quickly revise all Nat 5 topics before moving on to the Higher level stuff. But where does that leave Translators as there is no Higher level content for it?

    This past year I reviewed Translators with my Higher class in great detail and even put it in my prelim. Was this a waste of time and should I remove it from my course this year?

    Many thanks,


    Hi Bobby,

    The Course Spec details what the SQA will assess through the Assignment and Question Paper. There is no mention of translators, so the SQA cannot assess that content. Therefore, it is not something to spend a lot of time worrying about!

    Hope that makes sense


    Bobby Stroud

    Cheers Gordon!

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