Teaching Materials for Higher Computing Science

  • Peter Thoresen

    Hi all

    Education Scotland have published Course Materials for Higher and N3 Computing Science courses.
    http://dmtrk.net/UJ7-2BR48-454CD1-ZZGVV-1/c.aspx (Glow Login Required)

    Don’t get too excited – these materials outline four “learning journeys”, each over two pages. Each learning journey basically reiterates what pupils need to learn, along with a handful of links.

    Does anyone know if these are long awaited teaching materials commissioned for Higher Computing Science and that’s all we are getting, or are actual teaching materials still in production?

    Mark J Tennant

    Hi Peter,

    It’s a long story, but I’ll give it a go…

    I was supposed to be seconded to Education Scotland at the end of last year, but my school has been unable to recruit a replacement, and hence can’t release me. I’ve now just accepted a new job due to a change in family circumstances, so the ES secondment now certainly won’t go ahead.

    I’m hopeful that they’ll re-advertise the secondment because there is no doubt we need someone working on CS at that level; I am in no doubt that ES fully understand the issues in CS because of the significant new content. Hopefully we will see something positive there soon.

    In the meantime, I am working with ES in my own time to develop as much as we can before June. More advice should start to come online shortly, we have a short-life working group looking at what’s needed and we have put appeals out to local authorities to share any development with ES. More steps to develop materials/advice and encourage sharing are in the pipeline, and I’ll be putting something on CompEdNet shortly about this. There is also a planned 1-day conference that local authorities will be asked to send key CS people to – again I’ll post more details about this on CompEdNet as soon as we have firmer plans.

    Sorry I don’t have much better news just now! On a personal basis I’ll make sure anything I develop (either personally or for ES) goes on CompEdNet, and I’d hope many of us will do likewise. The new course content seems pretty good to me, but it’s quite eye-watering when you think about the amount of personal CPD – let alone development – this is going to take to do a good job of the course.

    Hopefully more updates (and some better news) soon,


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