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  • Cameron Rigg

    Hello all,

    My name is Cameron Rigg and I am starting my probation year in Banff Academy (Aberdeenshire) as the sole Computing Science teacher in the school.

    I will be teaching the new Higher for the first time and would greatly appreciate any advice or resources that you could share with me.


    Alan McGregor

    Hi Cameron

    Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out… I’d start off by begging for money to buy the AOK slides & questions for the Software Unit and to get a class set of the book that’s (supposedly) out tomorrow from Bright Red. Should be enough to get you started off anyway.


    AOK stuff:

    Get SCHOLAR passwords ASAP – looks like it’s gonna be a not bad resource when it all goes up.

    Keep checking on here for any resources and events which happen. See if there’s a Plan C group near you:

    All the best!


    Cameron Rigg

    Hi Alan,

    I have requested the above resources so here’s hoping I am able to get them.
    Please keep me updated with any other materials you come across that could be helpful.

    Thanks for your quick reply!


    Colin McAlpine

    There are some online resources which you could use to support yourself, perhaps when you are needing a Period to get into Development etc, you could get the pupils to work on CSS/javascript tasks on CodeAcademy. There are self taught lessons on there for several languages.

    I’ve got some stuff in Databases and Software Development. If you want to drop me an email, I can share it with you, although if you can get onto the DropBox between shared Computing teachers, there is loads on there too.



    There’s also WebCAL ( which is a web-based resource. N6 is new Higher.

    Also see if you can get in contact with Greg Reid (I think he’s on here) who has a big dropbox of stuff, some of which will be Higher related I’m sure!

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