Specimen Paper Q4

  • Sean Stratton

    Question 4 of the specimen paper says

    Scottish Airways operate a real-time booking system. To ensure the security
    of the data they make a daily backup of the whole system.
    Explain what additional backups would be required to ensure no loss of data
    in the event of a system failure.

    The answer given is surly just wrong.

    Incremental backups (1 mark) would ensure no loss of transaction data in
    between the daily backups (1 mark).
    Award first mark where description of backup is correct with or without word

    Night time backups are often incremental, fair enough in the question it say’s “daily backup of the whole system.” so you might infer a full backup. However, who would run an incremental backup during the working day? Surely something like shadow copies or versions would be more accurate?



    Michael Mullin

    This is one (of many) areas in the arrangements that I feel needs serious clarity. I looked to Oracle for what happens in industry and this does not really reflect what may or may not have been brought forward from the old IS Higher course. Do we teach inaccurate or out of date approaches because the marking scheme may have that as the answer or do we teach what really happens? Even the terminology itself is a minefield; clone, shadow, duplicate, mirror, secondary and all the others I haven’t yet heard of!

    Alan McGregor

    While on the topic of the Specimen Paper, does anyone have a Digital Write-on version of this? The link here – http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/70116.html – is broken.

    alan.mcgregor@nclan.ac.uk if you have one, cheers.

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