SDD Unit Assessment Package 3

  • pdoleman

    Hi, looking for clarification on a couple of points.
    Step 6. Pupils are asked to describe how each algorithm works using internal commentary.
    Step 8. Find number of A passes.
    Do they need to test the other three algorithms or is the internal commentary sufficient?
    This is a long assessment and I’m anxious to move onto next unit so hoping comments enough.

    Darren Brown

    They only have to comment on the algorithms for Step 6 and don’t need to call them to run. It is a bit strange but that step is included to cover the outcome 1 theory parts.

    I don’t even get them to comment on the code for step 8 as they have just explained a Counting Occurrences in step 6 or do testing as that evidence comes from first version of the program.

    I just check work against Judging Evidence tables – no point them repeating same evidence again.

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