Scavenger Hunt coursework

  • martin hill

    Hi, just wondering if anybody has had a look at the Scavenger Hunt coursework yet?

    Web part seems fine, really straightforward in fact, but had a look at the SDD section and I think the supplied text file is missing latitude and longitude values. However, I may have completely misunderstood or missed something. Any thoughts?


    Peter Thoresen

    Until SQA provide a correct data file for this task, I threw some random locations into the file, along with quotes for text items:

    “56.092529 N”,”-3.934094 W”,”A famous Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence –”
    “123.434292 N”,”123.32423 W”,”How high is Scotland’s tallest mountain? –”
    “43.234234 N”,”65.2373443 W”,”What is the traditional instrument most often linked with Scotland? –″
    “-6.4234234 N”,”237.6456234 W”,”A prickly problem, Scotland’s national symbol –”
    “64.124124 N”,”-232.54345 W”,”Name the largest city in Scotland –”

    I’m not a geographer, so please no comments that a negative west = west, or negative north is south! lol


    martin hill

    Ah, thanks for that Peter, thought I was maybe just being stoopid and missing something.

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