Programming Environment Advice?

  • Ken Milligan

    I currently still use the MS Visual Studio 2010 Express environment for pupils working in Visual Basic but as far as I am aware installation of this software direct from MS is no longer supported. I believe I can neither add this to new machines nor direct pupils taking the subject to an installer which will give them the same application at home as in my classroom. While this isn’t the end of the world (yet) I am wondering what solutions colleagues are using to deliver the SD units at N5/H going forward? Since VB remains one of the languages for which materials are readily available, I need to either stay with this or find a similarly (or better) resourced environment with which to continue as a single teacher department in this subject.
    Comments, suggestions and recommendations most welcome.

    Enrico Vanni

    All Previous Versions of Visual Studio are available for download here:


    Ken Milligan

    Thanks for this link, but I’ve been there before, and when I follow any of the links on that page it redirects me to a visual studio account login which tells me I have no subscriptions available. The joy of 2010 express was it was freely available (unless somehow I inadvertently circumvented that somehow…?)

    Enrico Vanni

    It does say that subscription accounts are free, so you may have hit a download limit and might need to register again.


    It has been a while since I downloaded the ISO but IIRC the Visual Studio 2010 Express version was FOC!


    If you are stuck I can arrange to get a copy to you on optical disc.  There should be no licence issues as it clearly states on the version I have that it is free for educational users.

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