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  • Scott McBride

    Hello, I am looking to find out more information about using Oracle as an Access replacement. I would be instersted to hear thoughts good and bad, and information about how it runs on a school network… thanks in advance.

    David Jack

    Personally, I would love to move to a full SQL database down the line, but I don’t think we’re quite ready for that yet. Getting the pupils to create a database via SQL is a little over kill and not in the scope of Higher Computing.

    I would be interested in using a tool similar to SQL Workbench where pupils can use a UI to draw an ER diagram and set up the properties of the entities and attributes then use the “Reverse engineer” feature to produce the code that the pupils can then run to create the database. Pupils can then use the SQL constructs that are included in the Higher course to manipulate their database.

    As for the server issues, its nothing I have looked into as of yet and I’m sure it’ll be a headache for every network manager in the country. We’re concentrating on getting the theory to a high quality while relying on the familiarity of access. As stated earlier, it is something I’m keen to look into down the line but at the moment it is not as priority while I have a working alternative.


    Hi Scott,

    You can try which will allow you to kick the tyres of Oracle DB. You can code in SQL or you can use GUI tools with varying levels of automation.

    If you are interested you can register your school with Oracle Academy as an institution and then get as many student accounts as you want.

    Working with SQL has more of a focus on table structures without UI aspects. The SQA arrangements seem to blur these two aspects at times.

    Erik Stevenson

    I personally run EasyPHP Devserver ( on our computers so that pupils can have a webserver to run some simple PHP and also a database server so they can use MySQL with Workbench.

    Michelle Brodie

    I use oracle apex on school systems and it works really well. I have access to all the coding that the pupils are doing and can check their progress. The pupils who like “coding” tend to prefer it to access as it is less gui and more text which they are more comfortable with. There is a gui part in which you can design tables and ER diagrams but I prefer to keep design and development apart as the pupils tend to muddle the terminology.

    Scott McBride

    Ok, I think I will trial the Oracle APEX. I have downloaded it and I have it working, I think…

    Can anyone share some experience in what needs downloaded and what database to connect to? XE? It seems a little busy with tables…

    many thanks for all the replies Scott


    Michelle Brodie

    If you email me I can send you all my set up instructions etc.

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