Marking Advice Needed – Use of predefined MaxMin functions (diving championship)

  • Scott Leiper

    In higher students need to show use of user and predefined functions. The coursework called for a modular program to be developed that required the student to find the highest and lowest scores from a list.

    Nowhere can I find in the Assignment task, the instructions or the Marking band descriptors does it say the student has to use the standard algorithm findTheMax or findTheMin. I have two students who have used the predefined function Max and Min which does just that, returns the highest and lowest value in a list. The have used other list functions such as find the position in a list of a given value, or a Linear Search as we teach it in the course. I have previous evidence that they have used all 4 of the higher standard algorithms in the unit evidence.

    Do they have to use these defined standard algorithms in the Course Assignment or are the perfectly correct in using the power of the language?

    Lee Murray

    I asked this previously and the general consensus was that it’s okay to use the Min and Max functions built into Python providing they have produced evidence elsewhere that they can program to a Higher standard.

    I forced my lot into using the standard algorithm just for completeness.

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