It’s ok, SQA documentation can be updated at any point in the year

  • dbrowning

    I know it’s been said time and again that changes to documents can only be made by the SQA at specific times of year but this appears to now have changed.

    Have a read of this newsletter and it states:

    “A similar schedule of changes was put in place for session 2015/16; however we have also made a number of additional ad hoc changes to documents over the last few months. The purpose of these changes has been to correct any errors and inconsistencies that have been identified within the documents, and to provide additional clarification around assessment.”

    So it would seem that if changes are needed to be made they can be made. This should hopefully mean that when errors are found in CS documentation or UASP’s then these will be amended without us having to use last years or work round one that isn’t right.

    Here’s hoping anyway!


    Enrico Vanni

    A double-edged sword as communication of in-betweeny changes has been ropey to non-existent in the past (Haggis, anyone..?!), and is a sticking plaster solution to a problem that wouldn’t be necessary if proper quality control was carried out at source instead of in the field. This will just lead to confusion and frustration as it is unreasonable to have to keep checking on a weekly/daily/hourly basis in case something has changed.

    The SQA is not to be congratulated for implementing solutions to problems they were responsible for in the first place.

    Sorry to sound so negative, but this seems to be the way of things these days – start off doing something really badly, then do it less badly and self-congratulate for the ‘improvement’ while overall standards have fallen.

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