ISDD Unit Assessment: Backpacker Holiday Test Plan

  • mcgivernj

    A little help if you will folks.
    I have no idea what level of detail is expected from pupils in this task (task 6).
    I’ve done Information Systems for many a long year but never created a test plan.
    I’d appreciate seeing different examples of what people are looking for.



    Like yourself I’m unsure with this one. I suggested they test…

    The validation suggested/or they suggested in their data dictionary e.g.
    Contact phone in Traveller table being 11 characters long
    Male/Female in Traveller table only allowing M or F
    Number of stars in Venue table only accepting a number between 1 and 6

    Some queries of their choice to prove the tables link together
    e.g. Find a list of people staying on the Isle of Arran

    A test for Task 5 – pupils calculates what the increase of cost per night might be using a calculator and checks this against what the IIF function they used in the database gets.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks for that.
    Checking the validations from the data dictionary seems eminently sensible. It’s the drawing a line over other things to include that could prove problematic.
    Again, I’d be interested in the amount of detail that others would look for in this task.

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