ISDD Stand-alone unit (Climate Change) software

  • Susan Thomson

    We have recently been informed by our ICT department that all the Serif applications are to be removed from our machines at the end of this session as they represent a security risk, apparently. We are buying Affinity to cover the graphics side of things (mainly for the Technical Department) but, so far, we have been unable to source suitable web Authoring software. Can anybody recommend a suitable web authoring application that we could use for completing the Climate Change website?

    I have had a look at Google Sites but I don’t think we could meet all the criteria, especially with the coding elements.

    Scott McBride

    At Higher level, it all has to be coded in HTML Etc? We use notepad++ and a web browser.

    We only teach HTML, CSS and Javascript using notepad++ and do not use WYSIWYG software.

    Susan Thomson

    Hi Scott

    Sorry, I was referring to the freestanding unit (former unit assessment package 1) which states “Using a web authoring application package, create the website to match your design”. The pupils are only required to add two bits of actual code for this assessment. I usually suggest HTML to embed a video and JavaScript for a pop-up ‘help’ button. Historically, we have used Serif WebPlus but at the end of this session it is going to be removed from our machines.

    The specification for the Climate Change website would be quite challenging to write purely in HTML/CSS as the pupils are required to add a search box and tertiary navigation which is beyond the scope of the revised Higher course. I will only be giving this assessment to those pupils who aren’t going to be presented for the course assignment and exam this year (or are doing a 2-year Higher).

    I trust this clarifies it for you.

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