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  • Mrs Janet McDonald

    Hi Folks

    Seeking opinions please! Do we have to teach CASE statements for the new Higher?

    Looking at the “Course Assessment Specification”, I can see no mention of CASE statements and nothing that I interpret as implying CASE statements (although I am more than willing to believe I’ve missed something). Nor does there seem to be any way to represent a CASE statement in ‘Haggis’.

    I can’t see them at National 5 either; the relevant statement in the documentation there appears to be “use of selection constructs including simple and complex conditional statements and logical operators”, but surely IF and nested IF would cover that?

    Thoughts? Or do I need to direct this question straight to SQA?

    Thanks in anticipation


    Mrs Janet McDonald

    Wee update:

    There doesn’t seem to be any use of CASE statements in any of the Unit Assessment packs either….

    My class are using Case statements. I feel that it is important for the pupils to be able to use them. If however they use If statements instead i will not penalise them for it. Either or is fine. As long as they demonstrate that they can use selection correctly. The arrangements are open to being flexible.

    Lee Murray

    Selection can be done with IF statements, so it would appear that CASE is not necessary.

    That coupled with the fact that Python doesn’t have a switch-case statement, I’ll not bother with it.

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