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  • Mark J Tennant

    Hi all,

    Just wondering what others are thinking regarding software to use to deliver some of the server-based skills from ISDD, such as database-driven websites and server-side scripting. In an ideal world, something like XAMPP would do the job nicely, but not sure if IT will go for this.

    (We’re on RM CC4 in Aberdeenshire; so I’d be really keen to hear from anyone who’s deployed suitable software on the same!)



    Chris Wilson

    Hi Mark,

    Renfrewshire IT support have allowed us to use EasyPHP which is very much like XAMPP. It required some tinkering with client firewalls so that pupil’s machines were allowed to talk to themselves on relevant ports (HTTP and SQL). Works great! One of the good things about EasyPHP is that pupils are able to run the installer into their own MyDocuments folder without fouling up the machines at all. It’s quite common to install EasyPHP on pen drives if that helps you any.

    We have a web application unit in S3 (still BGE) where pupils use Dreamweaver and EasyPHP to create their own Twitter service. Challenging, but fun! Hoping I can still use the word fun when it comes to the Higher though!

    Good luck with this – I personally think it’s the most relevant and important development to hit our new courses.


    Mark J Tennant

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the info – I’ll check out EasyPHP. I agree, CS courses have been lacking any serious web dev content for too long now. I like the sound of your S3 lessons!


    Robert Young

    Can I ask what assessment standard asks the students to do server side scripting? I have had a look and can’t see any mention of it in the assessment standards but it is mentioned in the support notes.

    Lee Murray

    Edit: I realise that this wouldn’t allow the creation of truly interactive websites and database driven websites, but if it’s just the theory that we are required to deliver, we could easily use such websites…

    = Original post =

    That’s a good point. Does that mean we could teach a bit of server-side scripting through code academy or similar (http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/php)?

    Or even: http://www.compileonline.com/execute_php_online.php

    That would make hardware and software requirements trivial!

    Robert Young

    To me it seems a bit like Haggis, although the pupils need to know about it they don’t need to actually do it or write it in any assessment other than the exam.

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