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    Just wondered if anyone has any experience of Unit Assessment 3 using Python where candidates have to read the pupil names, coursework mark and prelim mark from an external file. I am assuming they have to read the data from the csv file into 3 separate arrays, one for names, one for coursework mark and one for prelim mark.

    How does Python do this?

    It would be very simple just to split the csv file into 3 separate csv files for the three components and then read the data from the 3 csv files into the 3 arrays. But I am not sure if candidates are expected to read the data from the one csv file into 3 separate arrays.

    Any advice, greatly received!


    Surely a CSV file is only a CSV file if it has multiple items on each line?

    It isn’t that complex in Python. There is an example here:


    It does what you are talking about but one of the items of data is a registration class instead.

    It would be something like:

    filename = “people.csv”
    name = []
    coursework = []
    prelim = []

    #open file
    txtfile = open(filename)

    print “Loading file”,filename

    # for each line in file
    for line in txtfile:
    l = txtfile.readline() # read into line
    mylist = l.split(‘,’) # split into 3 elements
    name.append(mylist[0].strip()) # add element 1 to name array
    coursework.append(mylist[1].strip()) # add element 2 to regclass array
    prelim.append(mylist[2].strip()) # add element 3 to score array


    (But with the tabs that the forum has stripped out of course!)

    Mrs Janet McDonald

    You can do it even more simply than that:

    import csv

    array1 = []
    array2 = []
    array3 = []

    myfile = open(“name of your file here”, “r”)
    reader = csv.reader(myfile)

    for row in reader:


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