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  • pliddle34


    I’ve been putting together a website for Higher Computing Science. It’s created as a wiki so that it can be edited by anyone that’s interested.


    I have covered about one third or so of the course at the moment and plan to get the rest finished over the holidays. Each page is split into the following:

    Key Points – learning points that are extracted into a key points list for each unit
    Information – extended information and descriptions of the concept
    Videos – related videos to help explain a concept
    Further information – links to other websites and sources that help with further learning
    Test yourself – self-assessment questions
    Teaching resources – links to any helpful resources (this may be hidden from public view later on)

    All content is linked from the Higher content grid.
    There is a guide for contributors linked from the main page.

    The password to register is “CompSci333”

    The whole site is Creative Commons, including all images. I’d like to think that if there are volunteers to help create content and maintain it, then this would help contribute towards the agreed standard for each concept, because it would be those teaching it that are discussing and amending each page.

    I think it would be a great thing in a subject like ours to see the wisdom of our particular crowd be used to shape a resource that could be used by anyone studying Higher Computing Science.

    Alan McGregor

    That looks excellent – I actually spotted it before the exam when I was googling my nut off looking for revision stuff. Many thanks! Will try to contribute…


    That’s fantastic! Many thanks for that. I’m happy to add content to it as and when I have time. Do you want stuff to be allocated to folks or do you want people to just go on and add and update as and when?


    I think it makes sense just to pick a topic of interest and start writing things into it. In the unlikely event of someone doing this at the same time, the wiki will save both copies and a compromise would be found. It is possible to “sign” a page before you start to put dibs on it as well.

    I’m going to get into it in the holidays as I’d like to use it as a pre-class exercise for each lesson.

    Sean Stratton

    Looks good! Just what I was looking for. I’m happy to contribute.
    I might wait till during the holidays though.

    Marc Campbell

    Happy to contribute as well. Looks good!

    Marc McWhirter

    Great idea. Will be happy to contribute and hopefully it can become a concise resource than can be used by students across the country.

    Nicky Pasternak

    Superb Peter. This looks spot on. Many thanks for putting this up and sharing it.

    Ronnie Ross

    This is really good, it will be a fantastic resource.


    Will be updating as the classes are working towards each topic – complete for SDD by end October and ISDD by December at the latest I hope. If anyone has expertise in a particular page please claim it!

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