Graphical Design Notation – Structured Diagrams

  • Ann McVey

    Can anyone clarify the appropriate use of symbols in a structured diagram for National 5/Higher? I have seen several different ways of using symbols, and there appears to be confusion with the symbols used for a flow chart. Eg:
    ‘Computing Science’ John Walsh – uses different symbols to indicate different processes
    ‘Bright Red’ H Revision book – starts with plain boxes, then uses different symbols
    Scholar – online and Notes – uses plain boxes
    I have checked the BCS ‘Glossary of Computing and ICT’ which is one of the references mentioned by the SQA, and only plain boxes are used, with a clear indication of hierarchy. My understanding is that this is the standard we should be using.
    Since the term ‘structured diagram’ is actually specified in the SQA Support Notes as part` of the ‘mandatory generic concepts and vocabulary’, it would be good to have clarity.
    Also is there a standard for ‘ data flow diagrams’ , as a contemporary design notation?

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