Exemplar Paper Question

  • Stuart Rose

    Hi all,

    On question 10 b of the exemplar paper, the marking scheme has line 3 as “SET total rating for item TO total rating + 1”

    Should it not read “SET total rating TO total rating + customer rating” ?

    The SQA answer would not keep a correct total and therefore the calculation of the average rating would be incorrect.

    Scott McBride


    SQA just keeping you on your toes.

    The + 1 should be added to the total number or ratings received and then the customer rating should be added to the rating total.

    well spotted.

    Stuart Rose

    Thanks, I obliviously scribbled the solution on the board and my pupils spotted it.

    There’s another mistake, this time with question 10 a…

    Line 14 reads “END IF” for the second time but there is only one IF construct in the code which closed on line 11.

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